March 17, 2013

January 5, 2013 was Zack's special day... his Bar Mitzvah.  His parents wanted to give him a gift to celebrate the occasion and decided that a MEMORY QUILT made of Zack's favorite T-Shirts would be the perfect memory saver.


Zack's mother had the Onsie from the University of Pennsylvania Hospital and decided to incorporate that into the quilt along with other baby clothing from the hospital.

The back of the quilt has four panels of signatures... some in blue ink... some in gold ink.  Zack's friends and relatives wrote their Mazel Tov wishes... memories that will last.

Malcolm contacted me with an unusual project in mind.  He wanted to convert his favorite jeans from his college days into a set of bolster pillows. These two images show his jeans... complete with splashes of bleach-generated designs.

Each pillow could only be as large as the diameter of each leg of the jeans.  Malcolm's two bolster pillows are now 'living' on his couch... and he gets to enjoy them every day... even if he can no longer wear them!

May 10, 2012

Duvet Cover and Matching Pillow Shams for Two Sisters who love PINK!

Kristy's two young daughters share a bedroom decorated with a vibrant mix of colorful coordinated pink and orange fabrics.  These ladies LOVE color!

The first phase of the project:  a set of tab curtains for the girls' two bedroom windows using the same small scale fabric in the pillow sham (above and below).  The next phase of the project: coordinated pillow shams and duvet covers for the girls' beds.  The pink floral duvet cover, with its dark pink flowers scattered on a hot pink background, can be seen peeking out from under the orange ruffled pillow sham.

The use of different prints for the ruffled edges of the two pillows adds design interest without compromising the integrity of the coordinated bedroom textiles.
Materials:  The cotton fabrics in these photos were purchased at Cloth and Bobbin, a small and mighty fabric shop in Narberth, PA.

April 30, 2012

Turning Mother's Scarves into Pillow-Filled Memories

Finished Pillow Dimensions:  15" X 15".                        

Following her mother's death, Tracy arrived at my studio with several bags filled with her mother's colorful scarves.  She had decided to honor her mother's memory by transforming the many scarves,  her mother's fashion trademark, into decorative pillows.

Tracy gave me free license to combine the scarves into a "Crazy Quilt" design.  A Crazy Quilt is designed with planned randomness.  Scarves for each of the pillows were grouped together  based on their colors, patterns, and the scale of their designs.  The end result:  Pillow designs that are both balanced and beautiful.

The Process:  Each scarf was reinforced with a fusible backing.  The backing added strength to the delicate scarves and prevented them from slipping or shifting out of shape during construction.  The scarves were then pieced together into a "Crazy Quilt" design.

April 26, 2012

French Toile Fabric Pillow Shams for the Bedroom

Finished Dimensions:  27" square
Any living space can be made more inviting by adding decorative pillows.  These two pillows... part of a set of three... live on a queen sized bed in a master bedroom in Narberth, PA.  A four-inch embroidered monogram "JBM", centered on a chocolate brown linen background, forms the center of the pillow on the right.  Both pillows, as well as the flanged edges of the monogrammed pillow feature French toile fabric.  What is French toile fabric?  It is natural cotton material... printed with monochromatic scenes... using just one color or dye.  The fabric generally features pastoral scenes, people dancing, making merry,  or lounging in the countryside.
Materials:  chocolate brown linen, French toile cotton